Airvoice Wireless $10 Refill - 250 Talk or 500 Text - 30 Days

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Product Details - Airvoice Wireless $10 Refill - 250 Talk or 500 Text - 30 Days


You are buying a brand new Airvoice Wireless $10.00 refill PIN for just $9.95! Refill PIN number is delivered to you electronically on-screen, we do not mail an actual card. You will use this PIN number to reload your Airvoice Wireless account using the refill instructions provided below. When you refill your phone, you get the exact same minutes, features, expiration, etc., as if you bought a physical refill card!

Airvoice Wireless $10 Refill - 250 Talk or 500 Text - 30 Days

Refill Amount $10.00
Expiration Period 30 days
Minutes 250 talk or 500 text

How to Refill Your Phone With this Product

Refill Instructions | Airvoice Wireless $10 Refill - 250 Talk or 500 Text - 30 Days

From your cell phone Once you have purchased your refill PIN, you can apply the airtime directly through your handset without having to speak to a representative. Simply dial 611 for on-air instructions, or on your keypad press:
  • *888* + (pin number) + # + SEND.
After following these instructions, a confirmation message is sent to your phone verifying that your payment has posted. If you need assistance with applying airtime to your account, please contact Airvoice Wireless customer service at 1 (888) 944-2355.
From another phone Call 1-888-944-2355.

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Features and Highlights

Highlights Airvoice Wireless is a leading prepaid wireless carrier that provides service within the United States. With headquarters in Bloomfield Hills, MI, Airvoice Wireless operates independently; utilizing digital, nationwide GSM technology. The company's mission is to provide dependable wireless service to our customers at an affordable price along with outstanding customer service.

Founded in 1999, Airvoice Wireless originally only existed on the US West Coast with a limited coverage area. In the year 2000, Airvoice Wireless began offering service on the then cutting-edge TDMA technology. This allowed the company to provide nationwide service. Now able to reach more customers, Airvoice Wireless began to flourish within the prepaid market.

In 2005, the company switched networks from TDMA to the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) network. Now utilizing breakthrough SIM technology, Airvoice Wireless was able to provide its customers better network coverage and more digital features.

Today, with a strong GSM network and dedicated team, Airvoice Wireless provides service to a large subscriber base, adding more each day. The company holds an impressive share in the prepaid wireless market, with agents and customers in over 40 states, as well as in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.
Minute Expiration One nice benefit of Airvoice Wireless is that their Pay-As-You-Go plans have long minute expiration periods of anywhere from 90 days to 365 days depending on the face value of the refill card or PIN you purchase (Unlimited Plans have a 30-day expiration). Plus, if you refill your phone before your current balance expires, then your existing balance carries over to the new expiration date. This is ideal for emergency cell phones or individuals that do not use their cell phone often and want their minutes to carry over for months at a time.
Text/Instant Messaging $0.10 per message sent/received in the USA only.
Roaming On-Network roaming is $.10 per minute while off-network roaming is not available.
Phone Compatibility Only Certified & Approved Unlocked 850/1900 MHz GSM phones are compatible with Airvoice GSM service.
Airvoice Wireless Customer Care 888-944-2355

Airvoice Wireless Coverage Map

Airvoice Wireless use the AT&T Pay-As-You-Go GSM network. The interactive coverage map below is from

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