Airlink Mobile $50 Refill

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Add airtime to your Airlink Mobile phone. This $50.00 refill PIN costs $47.00 through our site. There is no need to pay shipping costs and there is no tax charged! Your refill PIN number will be instantly displayed on-screen* after checking out (no physical card is mailed). You will use this PIN number to reload your Airlink Mobile account using the refill instructions provided below. When you refill your phone, you get the exact same minutes, features, expiration, etc as if you bought a physical refill card!

Airlink Mobile $50 Refill

Refill Amount $50.00
Expiration Period 30 days
Minutes 350

How to Refill Your Phone With this Product

Refill Instructions | Airlink Mobile $50 Refill

From any phone Call Airlink Customer Care at 1-866-951-LINK (5465) and follow the prompts.

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Features and Highlights

Highlights UNLIMITED Night & Weekends starting at 7PM on all rate plans! No U.S. Long Distance Charges, No Roaming Charges Nationwide. Call Waiting, Caller ID, Three-Way Calling
Text/Instant Messaging Basic rate of $0.20 per message, or as low as 1 cent per message when buying a Text Messaging Pack.
Mobile Web $2.50 per MB (1MB = approximately 100 average web pages)
Customer Care 866-951-LINK (5465)

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AirLink Mobile wireless network services are provided on the Sprint PCS Nationwide network. Under Airlink Mobile's arrangement with Sprint, Airlink Mobile customers have access to service anywhere on the Nationwide Sprint PCS Network, reaching more than 250 million people.*

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