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T-Mobile Prepaid Real-Time Refills offer the ultimate convenience, of having your minutes and money "instantly" loaded to your account, once your Real-Time Refill purchase is complete. You won't need to take the additional step of loading a PIN Refill to your T-Mobile Prepaid phone.

T-Mobile Prepaid Real-Time Refills may be used to refill any T-Mobile Prepaid plan you have.

T-Mobile Prepaid plans offer the benefit of no commitment - no annual contract, no credit check, no monthly bill.

Additional T-Mobile Prepaid Information

T-Mobile Prepaid Plans Include - No annual contract. No credit check.
- National coverage with no roaming charges.
- 24/7 customer service.
- Voicemail, caller ID, and call waiting.
Other Services Include - International calling, texting, and roaming.
- Directory assistance 411 & More: $1.79 per call, plus airtime.
- Download ringtones, and wallpaper: price varies starting at $1.49
- Get Pay As You Go data with a Web DayPass $1.49 for 24 hours.
411 Directory Assistance You pay $1.79 per call plus airtime for this service. In most cases, you can avoid high 411 Directory Assistance charges, by simply calling 1-800-FREE411.
Phone Compatibility T-Mobile Prepaid phones and most unlocked GSM phones are compatible with T-Mobile Prepaid service.
Customer Care Call 1-877-778-2106 from any phone

T-Mobile Prepaid Coverage Map

T-Mobile Prepaid operates on T-Mobile's nationwide & 3G network.
To check your ZIP Code visit the T-Mobile Prepaid interactive coverage map. T-Mobile Prepaid Map Information: Maps approximate anticipated coverage outdoors, which varies by location, may include limited or no coverage areas, and do not guarantee service availability. Within coverage areas, network changes, traffic volume, outages, technical limitations, signal strength, your equipment, obstructions, weather and other conditions may interfere with service quality and availability. Portions of the maps include networks operated by our roaming partners; we are not responsible for their performance. 3G Coverage requires a 3G device. Devices not purchased from T-Mobile or an authorized dealer may not work on our network. T-Mobile to T-Mobile calls are directly dialed between T-Mobile devices while on the T-Mobile USA network (and not roaming in the US or internationally); voicemail and other T-Mobile service numbers not included. Roaming: Nationwide roaming refers to usage while on a roaming partner's network within coverage area; currently not available for webConnect™ data plans. International roaming incurs additional charges and refers to usage outside of the US. 850 Roaming Coverage requires a multi-band device. Certain devices and features will not work when roaming. If you travel outside of coverage areas, your device will not work.

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